Monday, 14 January 2008

Monday Challenge 3 - 2008

Can I just say first of all 'Whooohoooeeee' as that was about the sound I made when my Doodles for Daniel stamps arrived here yesterday and I love them. Have been playing (of course) and used one for this week's challenge, so to business.....
I have set the Funky Fairy challenge this week: A no-glue card challenge! Did I make it too easy? If you would like to join in, leave a link to your card on this blog or see the Funky Fairy Challenge Blog here.
Well, just to kick off, here's one I have made using Funky Fairy 'Pinkie Pops' collection for the backing card, stamped card, heart motifs and sentiment. I cut through the hearts and card to create an aperture with the silver net behind and held them and the Doodles for Daniel 'love' stamped image together with the brads and stapled the ribbon on.
Here's a 2nd 'no-glue' card using the Funky Fairy 'Perfect Pinks' collection. I printed the silhouette on to one card and used another to create the frame and held these on to the backing card with the ribbon. The sentiment is a rub-on transfer.

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  1. Love the idea of this challenge as you sometimes take for granted the dst and other adhesives. Loads of ideas milling over in my head.....just got to see which one looks the best ! ! !