Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sad news

Many of you, especially those that were on the Funky Fairy Design Team with me last year, know my niece, Terri, had been battling with leukeamia for 10 years. She lost the fight on Friday and slipped away peacefully at home, aged 16.
I will be sorting photos and scrapbooking lots over the next few months but here is one taken at my son's christening back in 2001 when she was doing well towards the end of the first 2 years of treatment and one taken last year after her bone marrow transplant. You can read more about the beautiful quilt here. When I saw her last month she still had it over her. I'm grateful to Clare and the wonderful team supporting Quilts 4 Leukaemia for the comfort it gave her.
Thanks for all the kind words we've received.


  1. Oh Karen, how sad. Such a beautiful, young girl to have suffered so much and not make it. My condolences to you and all her family.

  2. hi karen
    so sorry to hear the very sad news how awful no reason behind it all is there such a young life
    scrapbooking will be such a lovely way of recording her life and remembering all the wonderful times.
    i am taking mom away soon on what we think will be her last holiday(as she is getting weaker and will be too weak for the travelling) and am going to scrap that too and give her the scrapbook for her
    65th birthday.
    anyway you take care and will pop in again soon

  3. Karen, i am so very sorry to read that, it must be awful for you all, she is so pretty, it is such a shame. sending you all lots of tender hugs

    Take care xx

  4. Karen,

    so very sorry to hear that Terri has lost her fight and sendinh you and your family my thoughts, hugs and deepest sympathies.

    I remember the quilt - it was stunning and a wonderful gift and I know you will make a beautiful scrapbookk to share with everyone.

    Take care,