Friday, 5 October 2007

Expo & Demo

Just taken part in my first French meeting without anyone to tell me what was going on and translate for me. I must be improving! It was a village meeting to start organising our part towards this year's Telethon appeal (similar to UK's Children in Need). Bit nerve-racking when part way through I had to interrupt to make my suggestion...An exposition, with demonstration, of different card-making techniques and cards on sale with part-takings going to the appeal. I showed a selection of examples and they loved them! With that agreed, I'll have to get busy now! It's two afternoons the first week in December. And with all the Christmas cards to do: Glutton for punishment.

And how in our history of language did we muddle the words so that in French exhibition is to expose yourself while exposition is to exhibit something? Finding it very hard not to embarass myself!

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