Sunday, 27 July 2008

An award

Last week was a strange one: We've got such a lot going on with being about to finally sell our house in UK (which we still have to empty), my neice recovering from a bone marrow transplant for her leukaemia, having one of my step-sons to stay at the start of the week and trying to get the business established. Of course all the other things were unseen in the planning stages! I'm not complaining about any of it but it's been a demanding time! One thing I do regret is not taking my camera to a craft evening I did at the local campsite on Thursday: Had a great time making cards with a mixed group of children and adults.
Anyway, all the above made it extra special to receive comments on my blog and especially this award from both Donna and Heather (who also has candy here) .
The rules that go with this award are: 1. You must nominate only 5 people. 2. Four of those people are to be dedicated followers of my blog. 3. The fifth person is someone new or relatively new to my blog and should live in another part of the world. 4. You must link back to the person who gave you the award. Now this is the difficult bit...who do I choose... I'll edit tomorrow with the choices, and some cards I made today.

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