Saturday, 23 January 2010

CD holder - Porte CD

Here's a little something I made on Wednesday in a group. Buying the insert and fixings made it quite expensive but the case itself is made with pieces of 2.5mm thick board covered with some Scivertex I had left over from another project. It would be fairly easy to make the concertina to go inside as well but it was soooo much quicker to use a ready-made one !
Seeing (and hearing !!!) some of the others hammering a hole punch tool through I opted to leave fixing the handle until the next day and tried the Big Bite: Fantastic! I had never tried that thickness of card and fell in love with my Big Bite all over again at how easy (and silent) it was.
En peu de cartonnage j'ai créé mercredi avec carton de 2,5mm et scivertex. J'ai acheté les vis, fermeture et les pochettes d'intérieur: Alors, un peu cher! J'ai utilisé la Crop-a-dile 'Big Bite' pour faire les trous pour les vis: trop facile !

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  1. amazing creation karen ~what a fab idea ~and very useful!!~and could make great gifts!!
    vanessa xx