Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Happy exhaustion!

The expo & demo for the Téléthon (research into genetic disease) went really well. The school bought classes of children round on Friday afternoon so I had to explain techniques in French and got a round of applause from one class! I had 2 brilliant French women helping me on Saturday who were able to chat to people about things and do the sales while I did the making. Had loads of pics taken as well so likely to be in the local paper but this is one my husband took while I was setting up. At first it felt scary to fill a whole room and then I was struggling to find space.

Sold about 130 cards plus other bits and pieces: I gave the Téléthon over the 25% of takings agreed and the organiser said it was the most an expo had ever contributed. The cards of local scenes (below) sold very quickly. I have 26 more orders and people asking if they can pop round to buy. Our village made 12,689€ all together and I shall be going to the cheque presentation on Saturday night. Very pleased about all that but got LOADS of jobs to catch up on, including all my Christmas shopping. Over in the UK for a few days visiting family and friends just after Christmas. Looking forward to that but it will also be exhausting as they are spread across the country.

Happy to say Dawn has made life a bit easier: This week's challenge is to make a New Year's card. As long as that can be in French, it won't be hard to do as that is what most French send cards for: Far less demand for Christmas cards. Hopefully I shall catch up with myself sometime in February!


  1. well done you did brilliant ,
    dont worry about the challenge sounds like you need a well deserved rest xxxx take care Dawnx

  2. Well done Karen your French must be excellent. Mine is rubbish. Love the pic and your expo looks very professional. Have a Merry Christmas and New Year

  3. Wow 130 cards well done Karen. Im not surprised your cards sold so well.