Sunday, 9 December 2007

Monday challenge

It is very late on Sunday night so apologies that I'm not going to make this week's challenge. It was a good one too: To make a Valentine's but the card must not contain the colours red or pink, can use any text but not the word Love, use any image but not hearts or flowers and finally no rude ones !
The thought is there though and looks something like this.My husband is cycle mad so imagine this matted on dark blue and white card and it would be perfect for him! Certainly wouldn't catch me pedalling it though. I quickly created this in Paint Shop Pro but can't actually make the card as half my stuff is still packed in the car from doing the Téléthon demo this weekend. More on that tomorrow...


  1. Karen the card idea is great hun well done , joanne x

  2. Well done Karen , the card idea is great hun ! joanne x

  3. Hi Karen ,this weeks challenge is to make a new year card ,hope you will join in ,Dawnxx