Sunday, 12 April 2009

The customer is always right!

I'm exhausted after today's art exhibition and there is still day 2 tomorrow...
In the meantime I can now show you another card order completed: A life history on a card and about as personalised as you can get! This is the customer's sketch for a 50th card, with the request that the inside should include pictures from a brochure to set the scene for the Thalasso spa day gift:and my realisation:
Note the details requested: Girl with 3 brothers; Marriage; Children - 2 boys & 1 girl; Number of their house; specific make of new car (I had to find out the colour!); biscuits representing where she works; 50th party including bottle of rum (made in Reunion where her husband is from). I started off looking for suitable stamps but soon ran out of suitable images in a suitable size. Peel-offs to the rescue! It is not what I would have thought of or perhaps chosen but the customer was happy. Hope it is well received!


  1. Wow, it is awesome!!! I think you did an amazing job on it!! That is a lot of different items to add to the front of a card and you did an fantastic job of doing each! I bet they will love the card!

  2. What a fantastic card! I love how you translated the idea to the card! Great job!

  3. That is fantastic, you have done a fab job with that!

  4. Oh wow. Amazing card! I can't believe you managed to fit it all in. I bet the recipient and sender were absolutely gobsmacked!! x

  5. Well I think you did an amazing job - always ready to meet a challenge! Well done you!