Saturday, 4 April 2009

A real challenge !

I have been really busy lately making cards for local shops but also have had several commissions. Here is one I made in February when the lady arrived on the Saturday and asked for a card in a hurry when I was preparing for a crop on the Sunday (and haven't blogged that yet either!) and leaving for the UK on the Monday: Here is the sketch she gave me, wanting the Italian and French flags and maps on the front and back and a collection of photos inside the card:I created the flags with strips of paper stuck on to the card and printed the maps. Fortunately I had some 3D embellishments (Jolee's) around which were perfect to add more interest and I was able to scan the photos to create the inside on the computer, adding a pop-up section to the centre.She collected my rushed card on the Monday lunchtime and was thrilled so I am now making her another card to order. :)


  1. Once again you met the challenge! Great result :)