Sunday, 9 March 2008

Briony's Gift

I don't normally make posts like this but Meayla has been busy in the background setting up a charity in memory of her daughter Briony who sadly lost her fight against cancer on 19th march last year when she was just 3 years old. The aim of the charity is to bring a smile to the face of a newly diagnosed child to buy them a gift that they really want, showing people care and brightening their time a little. However, to qualify for full charity status you have to be running for a year and prove that you can get at least £5000 in donations etc. Once you have full charity status it's then easier to get donations and other support but the first year is a hurdle to get to that £5000 threshold.
Briony's Gift will officially launch on 19th March, 1st anniversary of Briony's passing. The school where Briony went to nursery are going to hold a non uniform day and donating the money collected to 'Briony's Gift' and Meayla will be having a stall at the school selling hand crafted items to raise funds. Briony's Gift needs to raise at least a few hundred ££ to get off the ground and help their first child.
So if anyone can donate any handcrafted items to be sold at the school (yes, I know that's only 10 days away) it will be much appreciated by Meayla and those children and their families receiving the support. My neice goes in to hospital for yet another round of chemo tomorrow so I do know how much the work of charities like this mean to diagnosed children and their families. My email link is in my profile if you feel you can help.

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