Saturday, 7 February 2009

Back in the Saddle...

Sorry to go AWOL but haven't felt very sociable lately: My neice who has had leukaemia for nearly 10 years now is really ill at the moment and the hospital have just about ran out of treatments as nothing tried, including a bone marrow transplant, has fully worked so they keep her on a 'maintenance dose' of chemo. Please pray for her.
In the meantime, I have been keeping busy making, selling, designing .... I am hopping over to UK next week to go to the NEC craft trade fair (couldn't make CHA this year - I wish!) and to see my family. I'll try to blog more this week and set some up for next week too.
Catching up with a 'tag' from Gill, here's my 6th picture of the 6th album in our 'photos' folder:It's a shot my husband took in October on a school trip with my son's class to an old school where they have preserved the features of 50+ years ago so they practiced writing with ink quills, etc. My son came back with 'guess what they used to do in school in those days...' comments and my husband came back with 'I remember when we used to ...' - Generation gap!
If you haven't been tagged with this yet please post your 6th pic of the 6th folder in your photos area and explain it and please leave a post here so we can hop over to see :)

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  1. Oh Karen. I'm so so sorry to read that Terri isn't doing too well.

    Sending you hugs.