Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Arty Girlz challenge - Alter It!

Seem to be behind with everything still but the Arty Girlz challenge ending today (!) was 'Alter It!' and I had in mind to use these US postal envelopes to make an expanding file: Got to find some way to get organised!!!So set off by cutting them in half, scoring in at about 2cm each side and cutting the bottom corners off at an angle so I could fold them in for the 'expanding' part:Stuck 5 of these half-envelopes together and then set about covering them. I used 2 pieces of docrafts 12"x12" paper and measured the front with a flap + gusset underneath, concertina sides and a flap over the top edge:I did the back similarly but without the underneath part, some extra concertina bits to finish the sides, then some extra pieces over the tops of the inner bits to neaten where the envelopes join.
Quite pleased with how it turned out:


  1. wow karen its wonderful so creative
    and very useful.

    Thanks for joiningin with the Arty Girlz challenge.

    crissi xx

  2. Wow, what a cool idea!! I will have to try something like this. It is very creative!

  3. Totally fab Karen...brilliant idea too xx

  4. This is just what I LOVE about crafting: altering things! Well done!
    Très mimi aussi la carte de bon anniversaire avec les petits noeuds roses... et bravo pour le bilinguisme en constante augmentation sur ton site (congratulations to your blog becoming more and more French!)

  5. Wow... Karen
    die Mappe ist ja ein Traum!
    LG Gisela

  6. Wow, those usps priority envies are tyvec and will last forever. They are almost impossible to tear. You have to cut them with a knife or scissors. Great choice for sturdiness.

  7. Oops, silly me . I just took a closer look and realized you used the cardboard envelopes. Of course~so they would we more stiff, duh. Still a great idea.

  8. wow!!
    very creative and useful!!! great way to recycle your enveloppes, and to get organized (another hobby in itself I should add!! )

  9. What a great idea karen, this is beautiful. Donna x

  10. this is fab karen ~and so useful!!
    vanessa xx

  11. How ingenious you are!!! Great idea, and I won't tell you used those! Tee, Hee